You’ve taken the first step with your decision to become a homeowner.  You are excited about the outcome of a home to call your own, and you may be a little nervous as well, because the process at the onset can seem bigger than life.  We’ve provided a condensed list of steps to give you some idea of how the process works.  Although each buyer has a different experience, the more knowledgeable you are the more enjoyable and smoother the experience will be.  Working with a qualified Realtor, a real estate agent who is a member of their local Board of Realtors, puts you hand in hand with someone who will uphold a high standard of ethics as well a commitment to ensure your experience is memorable.  Carefully review the steps below as you begin your journey toward this remarkable goal of owning your own home.

Homebuyer’s Overview:
  1. Select a Licensed, Qualified Real Estate Agent
  2. Pre-qualification by a Lending Institution
  3. Property Selection
       - Resale
       - New Construction
  4. Offer to Purchase
  5. Present Offer to Seller
       - Counter offer possibilities
       - Offer rejection possibilities
  6. Contract Acceptance by Seller
       - Earnest Money Deposit
       - Inspection of Property
       - Possible contingency after inspection
  7. Mortgage Applications
       - Credit Reports
       - Appraisal of Property by Lender
       - Verification of Employment and Financial Background
  8. Underwriting
       - Approval of Mortgage Application
       - Possible rejection of Mortgage Application
  9. Title Company
       - Conducts Title Search on Property
       - Reviews and Prepares documents for close of escrow
  10. Walk-Thru
  11. Close of Escrow
       - Signing of Mortgage Papers
       - Recording of Documents
   CONGRATULATIONS! It’s now yours!

We realize the seemingly daunting task of covering every aspect listed above can be overwhelming, but Home Site will be with you every step of the way to ensure your security and assist in keeping the home buying process as smooth as possible.