Escrow is money, property, or a deed put into the custody of a third party until the fulfillment of certain conditions. This takes place immediately after both the buyer and sellers have agreed to the terms of a contract on a home. The Real Estate Agent takes the contract to Home Site and the work of transferring the title to the property is underway. A thorough search of public records pertaining to the property is made to be sure the property has a marketable title. At the same time, proper legal documents are provided, taxes prorated, lenders are contacted, payments are made and inspections completed, and the Real Estate Agent and Home Site work together to gather all needed paperwork and important funds to close the transaction. When the closing date arrives, Home Site is then ready to distribute funds to the proper parties and record the new documents of ownership. The sellers receive the funds they are owed and the buyers legally own their new property with the security of knowing the title to that property is free of any shortcomings. Home Site Title Agency provides this assurance by issuing a Title Insurance Policy.