A title company plays a major role in almost every real estate transaction.  The importance of fully protecting your investment cannot be overstated as your home will more than likely be one of the largest financial investments you will ever make.  After signing the agreement for sale, you will need to select a title company to protect your investment.  Your Realtor, Bank or Mortgage Company will advise you in this important selection, and once you have made your choice, you need to understand the function of a title company.


Home Site Title works closely with other real estate professionals to make sure your real estate transfer is smooth and in order.  We conduct searches of public records for terms of ownership of previous owners to determine if they have enhanced or diminished the total and free use of the land.  This search will also reveal any outstanding liens that could be charged against the real estate, which you, the new owner, could ultimately end up being responsible for.  It will also determine the existence of outstanding mortgages, judgments, or taxes remaining unpaid, as well as any other matters that may affect your ownership.


After this search is completed, a report of the title is compiled, examined, and furnished to your attorney, lender and others who need to review the report.  This report is known as a "Commitment for Title Insurance", a "Title Report", or similar name depending on the local custom of the area and location of the real estate.  Once this report has been reviewed, Home Site Title will coordinate a time and place for closing with all concerned parties.  At the time of closing all necessary documents needed to clear title and sign over ownership will be presented, examined and recorded at the Court House, if necessary.  Home Site will also be responsible for the collection of funds necessary to complete the sale and transfer of real estate and the issuing of these funds to the appropriate people.